The Kiwibop Postcard Pals is a fun, new service that gets back to the root of what we all love: Learning and getting fun things in the mail. Each week, the Postcard Pals will take your child on an adventure to faraway places, teaching them facts as they have fun. Our weekly postcards will teach your child new facts about animals they thought they knew, or take them on a journey far past our own world. Interesting for older readers, yet easy to read for beginners, the Postcard Pals will help any child get excited about reading and learning!

Once you sign up, your child will receive a Kiwibop Start-up Package that includes lots of cool stuff that kids will love, such as a welcome letter, your first 3 postcards, fun Postcard Pals stickers and even a Postcard Pals Discovery Box to collect each card in and keep them safe. Each Discovery Box is made out of tin, making it easy to slip into a backpack or onto a bookshelf.

The concept behind Kiwibop Postcard Pals was born out of our passion as volunteers sending postcards to children with life threatening illnesses and injuries. These kids are sometimes trapped in a hospital bed most of their lives and we just want to send them the occasion “happy mail.” We began by trying to find pre-made postcards but the cost and availability made it very difficult. So, we started designing and making our own. As we started supporting more kids on our mailing list we realized there was potential to open up our service to benefit all kids and extend our charity mission. When

“You instantly have like a thousand postcard pen pals overnight!” – Alexis, age 7

Well, maybe not a thousand, but at times it may feel like it! Our Postcard Pals are a numerous and eclectic bunch for sure, but that is what we love about them. Each pal has their own set of interests and styles, giving your child a well rounded experience and the excitement of not knowing who they will hear from next. From our resident space expert Geary (he’s a robot) to our offbeat road tripper Carl (we’re not quite sure what he is), your child will find instant friendship with our characters.

Our postcards feature a range of topics covering nature and animal to space and travel.

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