Meet The Postcard Pals

Every month, four of our offbeat and fun Postcard Pals will send your child postcards in their own unique voices to share adventures, cool places, and possibly weird animal facts. You just don’t know who you’ll hear from next… and that is part of the fun!

Postcard Pal Carl


Road Trip Extraordinaire

As our roadside attraction and landmark expert, Carl loves to send postcards about his travels and wild road trips.
Postcard Pal Geary


Space Traveler

Our space robot Geary loves to travel to the edge of outer space to capture images of planets and galactic facts.
Postcard Pal Scoot


Nature Lover

From tropical rainforests to snowy mountaintops, Scoot loves to discover all kinds of plants and ecosystems.
Postcard Pal Tica


Endangered Species Specialist

Our postcard amiga Tica has a special connection with rare and endangered animals. She loves to share facts and conservation updates.
Postcard Pal Bo


Ocean Explorer

This flightless bird loves to travel the whole world and report back about all types of marine animals and sea life.
Postcard Pal Rocco


City Traveler

If a city has a heartbeat, our pal Rocco knows where all the action is. This pal lives for the big cities of the world.
Postcard Pal Kit


Resident Zoologist

Our resident animal expert Kit is keen on sharing interesting and weird facts about common and endangered animals.
Postcard Pal Skylar


Micro Detective

As a bird with sharp eyesight, Skylar loves to explore down low and discover the hidden, miniature world that we often overlook.
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